What makes a Bed Cover differ from a Bedsheet?

What makes a Bed Cover differ from a Bedsheet?

With the changing seasons, there is a need to keep changing your bedding to match like a cover sheet for the bed. During the summer periods, lighter bedding offers the best comfort. The vice versa is true for colder seasons. While having the right bedding for the season is ideal, knowing what each of them is, goes a long way.

  • Difference between bed sheet and bed cover:- A bed sheet is a piece of large cloth that covers the mattress on which one directly lies. On the other hand, a bed cover covers the bed and can either be a quilt, blanket, comforter, or sheet. it is a cover sheet for the bed.
  • Unlike bed sheets, bed covers are used for decorating purposes. It is because they feature a wide array of patterns and colors. Bed sheets are usually limited to one solid color and design that doesn’t cause a buzz. However, you can use bed covers to decorate your bed and make it a focal point in the bedroom. Other colors and materials in your room can easily blend in with your bed cover colors and patterns.
  • Bed sheets are usually thinner than bed covers to provide little warmth when used as a cover. In this case, you require two beds or more bed sheets to get more comfortable. Bed sheets are ideal for hot nights when warmth is not your primary need. In contrast, a thick bed cover can be used singly for warmth during cold nights.
  • A bed sheet is an immediate cover for a mattress, which means it’s the furthest from the bed cover. Therefore, it is safe to say that a bed cover hinders dust and bacteria from getting to the sheets underneath. Since bed covers feature thicker materials in their construction, they require elbow grease and take longer to dry. As mentioned, sheets are easy to wash and dry quickly.



    Knowing your bedding is important when choosing the right items for your bedroom for different seasons. This way, you understand the importance of each item and when to use them. With bed sheets and bed covers, you can’t determine the winner because they are essential in different applications. Moreover, bed sheets and bed covers are used simultaneously to deliver the utmost warmth and comfort. Sleeping is important. So, you should ensure to get adequate comfort that suits you in bed using the right bed clothing.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q1 )Why do we use bed covers?
    A1) It provides the weight you crave for comfort (and need for sleep!), without causing you to overheat. In warmer areas, it can be all you need to keep comfortable without having to kick off the quilt or poke a foot out from beneath the covers.

    Q2) How many bed covers should I have?
    A2) However, if you tend to sweat at night, two sets or even three sets are ideal. A good rule of thumb for families with children or pets is that they should have approximately three to four sets of sheets on hand. Kids and pets can be messy, so there's a good chance you'll need to switch to fresh sheets more often.

    Q3) Do you need bed covers?
    A3) Buying a mattress protector is a good idea. They are a protective cocoon for your bed to ensure stains, debris, and allergens don't speed up the aging process of your bed.

    Q4) Can you sleep on a bed cover?
    A4) Sleeping directly on the mattress protector means sleeping that much closer to the synthetic material, and your sleeping surface will feel stiffer and less supple.

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