Dress Your Table in Style: The Magic of Table Runners

Dress Your Table in Style: The Magic of Table Runners


Table runners are an inexpensive and fun way to redecorate your tables – your dining table or your console in the drawing room. The good thing about runners is that they come in different sizes, colors, patterns, and textures. A table runner can be used for formal and informal settings to bring out the interest to your table. 

What a Table Runner is?

The Table Runner is a lengthy piece of cloth that can be used on its own or over a tablecloth for aesthetic and functional purposes.  Table runners are a useful decorating accessory for any dining space, whether you're entertaining or just want to add a little flair.

How To Use A Runner To Decorate a Table?

  • Matching Table Runners can also be arranged across the table in an "X" pattern; this works particularly well for circular tables. Not only does the “X” stand out, but it also establishes a visual center of the area where the runners cross. Where they cross, you can place a centerpiece, such as a floral arrangement.

  • Table runners aren't just for usage around the dining room table. They also work wonderfully as console accents. It may look amazing if you add a runner that matches the room's color scheme and theme.

  • Shorter runners are arranged less formally by being positioned widthwise across the table. You can use a fun runner on both sides in place of the placemats entirely. You're done when you put a candle adornment in the middle.

  • For a minimal look, use both a runner and a coordinating tablecloth with just a few decorations.

Aurave’s table runners are suitable for daily use, adding a touch of sophistication to your routine meals. Let your table reflect your style daily with these versatile and durable accessories. 

Questions and Answers:

Q1: How to clean a Table Runner? 

A1: Table runners are best maintained by dry cleaning only. Follow the care instructions to keep them soft and vibrant.

Q2: Can I use Table Runner every day? 

A2: Absolutely! Table Runners are designed for daily use, adding a touch of elegance to your routine meals.

Q3: Is the table runner suitable for a 6-seater table? 

A3: Yes, Aurave 14x72-inch table runner is ideal for tables hosting 4-6 people, ensuring a perfect fit.

Q4: Are these runners heat-resistant? 

A4: Yes, Aurave table runners are heat resistant, protecting your table from heat marks and scratches.

Q5: Can I wash the table runner?

A5: Aurave table runners are washable, providing convenience for everyday use.

Q6: How does the printed design enhance my table's aesthetics?

 A6: Aurave's printed table runners serve both as a decoration and protection for your tables, adding a stylish touch to any dining occasion.

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